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Hurry ! Booking has been opened for Kailash Yatra-2013 already., 2012-12-16
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Nepal Tours
Day 1
Kathmandu arrival-1300m/ Night at Hotel 
Pick up from the airport/transfer to hotel. Time permitting, you may want to start exploring the capital city (local guides are available). Visit Pashupatinath temple for evening aarti. In the evening, meet the group for dinner and a trip briefing. Receive your duffle bag, down jacket and sun cap. 
Day 2
kathmandu-Sight seeing-1300m
After breakfast, we set out for a guided tour of Kathmandu's holy sites, including Pashupatinath and Boudanath, before heading back to the hotel for lunch. The afternoon is spent making final preparations for the trip. Staff members can assist you in buying or renting any missing gear and you may check any unnecessary luggage. Group -dinner in the evening.
Day 3
Kathmandu to Nyalam 3750m(2 Nights)
We embark on our journey at 6:30am, after breakfast .After leaving Valley, the road follows the valleys of the Sunkosi and Bhotakosi rivers, passing through lush countryside and dramatic cliffs. We reach the Tibet border at Kodari by mid day, and then continue on to Nyalam (3750m), after light Nepali lunch. Stay two nights in a traditional guest house, sharing room or (deluxe room with hot shower facilities are available on additional costs). 
Day 4
Nyalam: day  of acclimatization 
This day gives us a chance to relax and acclimatize to the high altitude in Nyalam (3750m). It is important to stay hydrated (3-4 Liters a day) and extremely aware of your body's physical condition, which the staff will also monitor at all times. 

Day 5
Nyalam to Saga 4460m (2 Nights, recommended)
The drive to Shigatse is going to be a long one. It will take around 8 hrs to cover the 244 km journey. Once you are in Shigatse, you will be directly taken to the best hotel of the town for an overnight stay. Even after Check in, you have ample of time to move out into the city and explore the customs and way of living of the locales.
Day 6
Saga to Lake Manasarovar/4500m 
This is a beautiful day of driving on great road.  Our jeeps and trucks roll through the dramatic valleys following the various rivers through the grazing lands of yaks and sheep. The landscape is highlighted by snowcapped peaks rising out of the distant sand dunes. Many Tibetan nomads and traders in traditional dress inhabit this area.  By late afternoon the drive through the green pastures and massive valleys gives way to the first sighting of Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. We will make our way to western banks via the base of Gurula Mandhata (7728m) and the bank of Rakshesi Lake, for an overnight stay at Chiu Monastery (Manasarover). If you are interested to visit some of the famous monastery such as Trugo, Chiu, talk to your guide/ driver while you are driving the Lake from Eastern bank. 

Day 7
Lake Manasarovar-Thirthapuri-Tarchen 
After bath at the Holiest Lake yatris will be spending their time for all the  holy ritual/ puja After Lunch supporting crew will be heading to Tarchen and Yatris are welcome to visit Thirthapuri (good road-4 extra hours). If it is not pre planned driver may charge each of you around 50$ for the detour to famous Thirthapuri where it is believed that demon Bhasmasure was burnt to ash here in Thirthapuri. Still the hills of red soil/ blood  and whilte soil/ash are there including hot spring, famous monastery of Guru Padmasambala. 

Day 8
Tarchen for an extra Nigh
Depend on the seasonal pressure, we can either plan kora or detour to Austapad, Nandi Hills, Atmalingam/Rishi Caves, Hanuman Ashram. On detour to Austapad, driver will be happy to drive you (driver to expect around 10/20$ each with 4 minimum) and depend on your fitness and supporting staff (pre-plan is necessary) you can have bath at Indra Falls, view the Hanuman Ashram, walk all the way to Rishi Caves or a long day trip to Nandi circuit. Some of the destination required very experience high skill guide/ helper and we do request you for pre-plan for the type of detour. Be sure the type of detour  is physically challenging not recommended for senior citizen. 

Day 9
Drive to Tarpuche- and trek to Derapuk (4920m)
Yatirs who are not ready for the Parikarma/kora, can go with group up to Tarpuch/valley of Gods/sky burial site of the 84 Hahasiddhas for first puja and return as options on the jeep. 
Our first day of trekking around Kailash begins at Tarpuche. As we make our way along the route we pass numerous chortens (stupas) as well as the sky burial site of the 84 Mahasiddhas. We will also take in wonderful views of cascading creeks, streaming waterfalls and the mighty west face of Kailash. We will pass the Chukku monastery and arrive at the Dirapuk monastery about six hours later, where we will set up camp for two nights (or we will stay on traditional guest house, group sharing room). 

Day 10
Trip to Zutulpuk 4750m)- A long day to with almost 2000fts uphill climbing and of course more down hill… 
The hardest day of the pilgrimage is also the holiest. We will cross a rocky expanse dotted with stone cairns draped with the Cloths left as offerings by pilgrims who have come before us, further hiking brings us to the ascent up to Dolmala pass (5630m). After a nice break at the top of the pass visiting Gaurikunda, one of the holiest Sites on the trek will be a reward. Heading down the steep trail to our Eventual campsite at Zutulpuk monastery (4790m), site of the cave of miracles where Milarepa meditated. On this hard trail, way down from Dolma La, we need to walk since horse/yaks will not be able to take us Down. If you walk carefully and follow some of the local Tibetan helpers many holy sites, such as cave, foot print, sonte marks are visible on the entire trail. 

Day 11
Zutulpuk monastery Manasarover 
Trek to end of the valley. 15km 3/4 hours /Drive to Manasarovar. On the last day of our Kailash Parikrama, a three-hours walk brings us to where the river emerges onto the Barkha plain. Our jeeps will be waiting to transport us to our camp at Lake Manasarovar, as options we can have Austapad trip on the way back (if we have not done it earlier) as well before heading to Manasarovar. 

Day 12
Manasarover to Saga 
Since the road is very good (black topped) we can have very comfortable drive to Drive to Saga. 

Day 13
Drive to Nyllam
Meeting assistance on arrival in Amritsar and drive to Dharamshala. On arrival check in at hotel. Overnight stay at hotel.
Day 14
Drive to Kathmandu
Arriving back at the hotel in Kathmandu, we will celebrate our successful trip with a banquet for all yatris (Pilgrims). Overnight in hotel.  
Day 15
(we are waiting your date before we announce the date!)-Kathmandu arrival date and departure from Kathmandu....(home) 

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